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Ponder....Do not forget...But forgive.

Trees there were, old as trees can be, huge and grasping with hearts black as sin. Strange trees that some said walked in the night.

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The Lion King + scenery

Look, Simba. Everything the light touches is our kingdom. A king’s time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, Simba, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king.

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P: So the thing is, I think that maybe I might be having feelings. Like weird, weird feelings for… *pretzels.*
H: Pretzels? Okay. Well, they’re right here… when you want them.

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I guess we’re stuck together. Partners.

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D o r n e  had seemed a queer place to him as well when first he came here with his own princess, many years ago. The bearded priests had drilled him on the Common Speech of Westeros before they sent him forth, but the Dornishmen all spoke too quickly for him to understand. Dornish women were lewd, Dornish wine was sour, and Dornish food was full of queer hot spices. And the Dornish sun was hotter than the pale, wan sun of Norvos, glaring down from a blue sky day after day.

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